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Now you Will Shake
Kriston Couchey
November 15, 2007

Now you will shake,
Let the Praises begin

Now you will shake,
As My Glory comes in

As it is in the Spirit,
So it’s witnessed on earth

Now you will shake,
As the Spirit gives birth

Transitional Labor,
Is painful and strong

No more intermissions,
The contractions are long,

Now will shake,
Let My Glory arise

Even though you have heard it,
The truth will surprise

My Glory brings judgment,
Both sorrow and peace

For some separation,
For others release

I’m accepting an offering,
First fruits unto Me

A number in millions,
Devoted and free

Now you will shake,
Do not fear what you see

Now you will shake,
Keep your focus on Me

By Kriston Couchey
June 27, 2004

Those religious men, so hateful toward all that I love,

Looking for blood, ready to slay that which defies their religious traditions,

Secret counsels in the dark,

They hiss, “This freedom is a threat to our way of life, we must stop it!”

In secrecy they come, in the dark

I swore to Him, now I will not let Him down,

Sweaty palms grip the hilt of a garment-hidden sword,

They approach with torches and sword,

Bravely I stand for righteousness,

How dare they attack such nobility and grace, my very Lord!

I pull out my sword and lunge at the evil men,

Yes! A blow struck for goodness and truth,

But wait, My Lord? Why do you rebuke me so harshly?

Almost as harshly as the time I said, “You will not go to the cross!”

Why do you heal this wicked mans ear?

I fling my strength and confidence into the darkness with my sword,

I am ashamed; my Master willingly is led like a sheep to the slaughter! 

I’m More Then an Apostle
Kris Couchey

I’m more then an apostle, and if there’s any doubt,
Let me tell the story how this mystery came about,

The men they called apostles, were always at the top,
They preached and prayed for hours, pushing people till they dropped.

I naturally decided, this life it was for me,
My future was the brightest, fame and popularity

Apostles got the most respect, a following of men,
No matter what their needs might be, a servant would attend,

A woman in a wedding gown kept swooning at their side,
They indulged in making love to her and didn’t try to hide,

No one seemed to notice, so I thought I’d get some too,
But while I was in passion with the bride, in walked the groom,

We covered up our nakedness; tears were on His face,
But every word He spoke to her was full of love and grace,

He said “My dear you’re lovely”, placed his hands upon her hips,
He wiped a shameful tear away and kissed her on the lips.

And slowly now he turned to me and looked me in the eye,
I realized that this might be the day I finally die,

He said, “Attend us servant, and wash my ladies feet,
Then wash her dress and mend it, and bring us food to eat,”

“But before you start your service, a eunuch you must be,
The cutting will be painful, but this bride belongs to me.”

My urge to be apostle, was finally in doubt,
No one ever told me what their work was all about.

He said “There is an option; the choice is up to you.”
And then he broke into a smile, that made me smile too,

I’m more then an apostle, and if you think I’ve lied,
I’m more then an apostle, for He chose me for His bride

Coming Up From The Wilderness
By Kriston Couchey
Aug. 9, 2002

Coming Up From The Wilderness
You go down thinking you came to get equipped
You come up knowing you just got stripped
You go down awed at those who claim to know God but just don’t get it
You come up awed at how you claimed to know God and just didn’t get it
You go down thinking you are the least of the apostles
You come out knowing you are the chief of sinners
You go down confident you are God’s man for the job
You come up with no confidence at all yourself
You go down saying, “I am different, and it will not take me long.”
You come up saying “I thought it would never end!”
You go down angry with those who rejected you and the gift on your life
You come up offering up your life so that those same people are not destroyed
You go down thinking you are searching for God
You come up knowing He was seeking you
You go down preoccupied with the purity of doctrine
You come up preoccupied with the purity of holiness
You go down relishing the day you will prophesy like Elijah
You come up like Moses, convinced you are not qualified for the task
You go down fantasizing about the great wonders you will do among the multitudes
You come up preferring solitude with peace and quietness
You go down a praying man who knows what words to pray
You come up having lost the meaning of words since you learned to be silent before Him
You go down concerned about the matters of life and ministry
You come up knowing nothing matters but Him
You go down speaking, proclaiming, and calling forth your destiny
You come up grateful if you get to be a doorkeeper in the outer court
You go down always having the last word for those who oppose you
You come up unable to say anything except what you hear your Father saying
You go down looking for the promised land of rest
You come up knowing you finally found it in Him
You go down seeking miracles, power and ministry

You come up lost in Love, leaning upon your Beloved

Laying Down Your Life For The Sheep
Kriston Couchey

The true heart of the apostolic and prophetic office

It is interesting the debate going on over titles these days. Personally I don't pay any attention to anyone's title. I look at how they function and how much of the Lord I see in them.

I am not impressed with teachings.
I am not impressed with titles.
I am not impressed with mens' approval.
I am not impressed with someone's anointing.
I am not impressed with someone's dream or vision.
I am not impressed with words of knowledge, they are a tool.
I am not impressed with healings. God is the healer anyway.
I am not impressed with size of ministry.
I am not impressed with someone's sphere of influence.

What impresses me?
Paul Said "Death is at work in me that life may be at work in you."

I am impressed with someone who is broken over the condition of the Lord's people.
I am impressed with someone who is more concerned about seeing the people of God function in THEIR gifts, then having to administer his or her own.
I am impressed when a "leader" can take correction from ANYONE! Even the world.
I am impressed when I see someone gently deal with immaturity and not destroy a person over a dumb ministry mistake.
I am impressed when a person sees potential in people rather then just the failures.
I am impressed when I see someone who doesn't just make friends with their own "leadership" peers, or those who can forward their ministry. But they will associate with those who are problem people and considered hopeless causes.
I am impressed with someone who will go through a whole meeting not having to preach or teach, but rest in their authority in the realm of the spirit and just be a watchman, letting God be God through and to His people.
I am impressed with a person who trusts God enough to trust His people.
I am impressed by those who I will never know, who in the secret place of prayer gave and sacrificed in prayer and fasting for the life of another.
I am impressed with someone so broken and humble they prefer to not draw attention to themselves or their own teachings, but let others be first.
I am impressed when I see the character of God in someone.
I am impressed when I see someone lay down their life for the sheep.