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Kriston & Vicky Couchey

It's been about 14 years since the Lord touched my life unexpectedly while driving to work one morning. From that time on I have been following down a path to a place I would never expect. I recieved Truth and revelation from God as to a new move of God and a restructuring of His Church to more appropriately express who He is. I also have received rejection by Christians who do not understand. God is moving forward with transition to a new way of expressing His Love.

The old church ways give little room for His Spirit's prompting. That old wineskin will not contain the outpouring He is about to bring on the earth. It will burst. A new wineskin must be used. That is a part of what I am called to do; help fabricate a new wineskin.

My wife Vicky and I live in the U.S. with our 5 children. We are living life simply, building relationships and waiting on the Lord for His direction and purposes. I am convinced Love and friendship between believers is the foundation of the moving of the Holy Spirit.

If you are looking to contact me concerning things Father has placed on my heart, feel free to do so. I would be glad to meet to rap with anyone who is willing if time and place are workable. If you are only looking for someone who is going to preach, pray, prophesy, and lay hands on people, forget it. I choose to share insights and gifts based upon friendship. I’d rather have a party and eat a meal.

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