Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom

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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom 

If the one covenant of God's love is not enough for me to love and give myself for those who God has entrusted me with, will making my own seperate one do better? ~Kriston Couchey~

Choking somebody with meat who is trying to follow God and is not able to eat meat yet is a sin. Watching someone feed poison to multitudes and honoring them to get your pay is worse. I will not let people get fed poison.~Kriston Couchey~

I regret the times God sent me with the sword of truth to cut loose the chains of a bound man, and I returned to present Him thier severed head. ~Kriston Couchey~

Cyrus was a pagan King that God chose for a purpose and Daniel honored. How many other "Cyruses" has God chosen and we who claim to follow Christ mock and dishonor them? ~Kriston Couchey~ 

How can you call a brood of vipers a brood of vipers in love? You love them and call them a brood of vipers. But, be prepared to die for them as Jesus did. ~ Kriston Couchey~

This (religious) system has furthured the positions and power of the few, while enslaving the many. Let's say it in love, "God Hates it!" He does not hate the people in the system. He hates that which has aborted, defiled, enslaved and decieved His children. And so would you if your children were destroyed by something.Kriston Couchey~

The owners of Titanic were not interested in having a sufficient number of lifeboats in 1912, and neither will it be with the leaders of today’s "Titanic." Making sure the ship is a source of visual pride and runs efficiently with state of the art technology is the chief concern. Diligent and sacrificial labor will be required for preparation for that day. What day? The day when the institutional church becomes the victim of its own fleshly success and the world turns on it with the venom of a betrayed lover. Its destiny is sealed and we must have enough lifeboats to save as many as possible. ~Fred G London~

An apostle led church is an apostle led church. A pastor led church is a pastor led church. A Spirit led church is a Spirit led church. ~ Kriston Couchey~

Where did Moses, Elijah, John, Jesus receive thier authority? In the back side of the desert... in the place of quietness and rest....brokeness and weakness. Many want to expose the of sin and error of others. But, they never experienced being broken, weak, and emptied in the desert in order to recieve authority to confront error and wickedness, like Moses, Elijah, John or Jesus.Kriston Couchey~

Unfortunately, men have a nasty habit of preferring to hang on to shadows and symbols at the expense of receiving spirit and substance, to perpetuate some "thing" of God rather than to receive a fuller expression of His Person. ~ Fred G London~

Words heard in a dream: Humility flows from Godly obedience...Kriston Couchey~

One might ask, “Why would the Lord call my judgments to be my enemy?”; and I say this because many years ago I asked that question of the Lord and he answered me and said, “Because you are going to be judged with the way that you have judged others. If you have judged without love and mercy, then you shall be judged without love and mercy”. It was at that moment that I made my own judgments to be the greatest enemy that I have ever known…and then I found out that it truly is not flesh and blood that we wrestle with, but it is the powers of Darkness that continually tempt us with reasons to judge others so that we might bring condemnation upon our own heads. ~Mitt Jeffords

Give a man a fish; and he will have food for a day. Teach a man to fish; and he might become a better fisherman then you and steal the hearts of those dependant on you for food. Teach everyone to fish.  Kriston Couchey~

An unregenerate man content with his identity is more predictable and stable then a regenerate man who is unsettled in his identity.Kriston Couchey~