Around the Lord's Table

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The Lord's Table is wherever you are, and consists of the portion you have been given to serve to others. Feel free to sample some of the portion all have received from the Lord and leave some of yours for others as well.

Truly it was said by Solomon that in the counsel of many is a victory won. I think our spiritual understandings are like the three blind men that described an elephant. One grabbed the tail and said it was a rope, the other reached and touched it's side and said it was a wall, the other grabbed its ear and said it was a piece of paper.

In CAD(computer aided design), the only way to accurately discern the dimensions of an object is through three separate viewpoints from three different angles.

I am convinced also that spiritual revelation is the same. We all see in part and should recognize the limitations of our vision. This is done for humility sake; that we not become and island unto ourselves.

United in Love
We will receive fullness of vision individually, when we corporately enter into relationships with each other based on Love and Intimacy.

Where there is no real relationship, focus is placed on gifting and titles. This has turned “church” into wrangling over gifts, titles, and power. In this setting, vision is dimmed and splintered. Each sees their own vision as the whole. Vision will be whole only in communion (Common Union) with God, and with the saints. This gives us grace to receive from one another, that which the flesh is unable to receive.

Kriston Couchey